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Wave , a wordless picture book published by Chronicle Books, is stunning, one of my favorite picture books this year. A curious young girl meets a playful, sometimes mischievous wave. With The Zoo , Lee gave readers a fine example as I put in my February review here at 7-Imp of how art and text merge to tell a story — in that case, actually, how the art predominantly tells the story in a grand defiance of what the text says.

But with Wave , she shows us that words can be superfluous, that she can tell a story with striking color, shape, and line. Lee captures all the thrill and joy of a young child and ocean play. As she puts it at her web site,. Floating between a mixture of flat drawings and black and white photographs, this book explores the realm of illusion and reality.

Oh, excuse me.

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I had to take a moment to wipe the drool from my mouth. This book looks very intriguing, yes? Suzy : Studied painting in University. Suzy : www. Suzy : I am working on the book about a girl who wants to be an artist. The girl believes that she is more talented than any other person, because her drawings are always picked up and get complements in class. I am both writing and illustrating this book.

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Many, many thanks to Suzy for taking the time to chat with 7-Imp and for obliging my fan-dom, especially since she not only has a wee babe in her life now, but she is also pregnant with the second. I know this phenomenon and how it drains you, so I send her extra thanks for this interview. Do you outline a great deal of the book before you illustrate or just let your muse lead you on and see where you end up?

Suzy : There are certain subject matters or images I wish to deal with in my book some day. They are only the fragments of ideas at first — e.

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When I make a story, usually the images come first. I draw first image popped in my mind, then I add more images before and after this key image. After all the storyboard is set up, I make a dummy book to see if the story flows well, then I start making the actual pages. I decide the format and size of the book, choose the art material which fits the images.

And draw and draw and draw until I like them. I am working in my bedroom! But I always read it again and again to figure out what it was about. Email Susanne. Protschky monash. Biography I am an historian of colonialism and global visual cultures in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with a special focus on photography. The topics I work on are: Environment and natural disaster Gender and colonialism War and conflict Monarchy and non-juridical forms of citizenship.

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  • My specialisations are: The Dutch empire, particularly colonial Indonesia but I have also published on southern Africa, Brazil and early modern European expansion Theories and methods in historical and interdisciplinary studies of amateur photography. Gender, power and identity in the early modern Nassau family Protschky, S.

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    Photographic subjects: Monarchy and visual culture in colonial Indonesia Protschky, S. Modern times in Southeast Asia, ss Protschky, S.

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    Lady S: Here’s To Suzie!

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