King Obama Unveiled---The Most Dangerous Man In America

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Like Netanyahu, M.

The secret relationship between Israel and the U. When Jeremy Issacharoff, an Israeli diplomat working out of the Embassy in Washington, was asked whether his government would have problems with the proposed sale, he was noncommittal, according to former U. He told his American counterparts that the Israelis wanted the opportunity to discuss the matter directly with the Emiratis, to find out how they intended to use the American aircraft. Bush Administration official who was doing consulting work at the time for M. As part of her work with the U. Charles knew Issacharoff from earlier meetings, in which they discussed the political dynamics in the Gulf region.

Suwaidi was already planning to visit Washington, and Charles arranged for him to meet with Issacharoff at a private office. Former U. During the negotiations, he learned that the Fs would contain Israeli technology.

15: Paula Broadwell

Some Arab leaders would have rejected such a deal. With M. From those preliminary contacts and others, an intelligence-sharing relationship emerged, U. For the Israelis, this was a long-term investment; the prize, they hoped, would be a normalization of relations. They thought that a joint presentation would send a stronger message than if the two governments voiced their concerns independently.

The meeting, according to a former U. According to a senior American official who was present, Netanyahu asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to convince Gulf leaders to meet with him publicly.

Former President Obama unleashes on Trump, GOP - Full speech from Illinois

A few weeks later, Obama flew to Riyadh to meet with King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who had, in , proposed broad Arab recognition of Israel in return for a withdrawal from all territory occupied since When Obama asked Abdullah if he would meet publicly with Netanyahu, the King responded categorically. He needed a final peace agreement. During a temporary setback in the secret intelligence relationship caused by a Mossad operation in Dubai in , the U. The Israelis balked at the idea, wary of antagonizing the Obama Administration, which had refused to sell armed drones to the U.

Netanyahu wanted to move relations with the U. King Abdullah died in January, , at the age of ninety, making way for other Saudi leaders, including the twenty-nine-year-old Mohammad bin Salman , who later became crown prince. In meetings with American officials in Riyadh and Washington, M. Like M. He, too, seemed eager for that conflict to be finished, even if it meant the Palestinians were dissatisfied with the terms. While the Israelis mounted a public campaign, the Emiratis, who lack political clout in the United States outside of Washington, largely voiced their concerns in private.

Then U. By , Netanyahu no longer cared what Obama thought of him. The Obama era was ending and, along with M. Donald Trump was unschooled in the intricacies of policy, domestic and foreign, but he did pay attention to personalities. In early January, , Jonny Daniels, an Israeli public-relations man, asked Trump if he would be interested in recording a video message endorsing Netanyahu in the upcoming Israeli elections.

Trump agreed, and shot the video at Trump Tower. And you truly have a great Prime Minister in Benjamin Netanyahu. So vote for Benjamin.

Terrific guy. Terrific leader. Great for Israel.

Tree-Poaching Is On the Rise

Trump boasted afterward that Netanyahu personally solicited his help. After being accused of trying to help the Romney campaign, in , Netanyahu and Dermer knew that they had to proceed with caution during the race. Democratic lawmakers and Jewish-American leaders delivered similar warnings. Meanwhile, other Israeli diplomats tried to develop less official connections to a possible Trump Administration.

One of these was through George Papadopoulos, a young energy consultant based in London, who had met Israeli diplomats at a conference about oil and gas operations in the eastern Mediterranean. When, in March, , Papadopoulos joined the Trump campaign as a foreign-policy adviser, he shared the news with his Israeli contacts. American officials soon learned of the activity between Israel and the Trump team. Other governments took a Clinton victory as a foregone conclusion, but a former U. They were working the Trump people with great energy before anybody else was engaged with them.

The Israelis knew the Trump team from the inside. By the end of the campaign, according to the former U. In late September, , seven weeks before the election, Netanyahu attended the annual gathering of the U. General Assembly. Kushner proposed to Dermer that Netanyahu meet with Trump during his visit, in the belief that such a visible event would help to energize evangelical-Christian voters, and make his father-in-law look more Presidential. Trump was initially hesitant.

And Bibi has a commanding presence coupled with immense intellectual firepower that lets him drive the narrative. Netanyahu saw Clinton, too. He wanted to sell whoever became the next President on what he saw as a historic opportunity to fashion an anti-Iran alliance. Later, after a series of confidence-building trades, the Arab states would pressure the Palestinians to accept a full deal with the Israelis—one that was likely to be substantially less advantageous to the Palestinians than what they had rejected in previous negotiations.

Clinton knew that the U. The task of persuading them was easier, at least in part because they had so little experience with the long, tortured history of the region and had yet to formulate a detailed strategy of their own. This was well articulated, and it dovetailed exactly with our thinking. They met discreetly at the Four Seasons Hotel, instead of at Trump Tower, where there were always reporters in the lobby.

Participants in the meeting said that M. While M. And the Gulf Arabs promised to help get the Palestinians to go along with the new program. Netanyahu understood that Putin could be the key to getting Iran to eventually withdraw its forces from Syria, an objective shared by Trump and his team.

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Word spread in M. Later, disorder in the Trump White House created openings for M. This play for contracts, influence, and status has attracted the attention of Robert Mueller. According to a former U. It remains unclear whether he was freelancing or making pitches on behalf of Emirati, Saudi, and Israeli leaders. When the Americans floated the idea with the Saudi and the Emirati leadership, the response was negative, a senior Arab official told me.

Israeli officials backed off the idea, telling their American counterparts that Netanyahu understood M.


Bill Clinton - Wikipedia

The last thing the Prime Minister wanted was for a mere photo op to spark a popular revolt against them. Barack Obama had come into office hoping to achieve what his predecessors could not: a reconciliation between the Israelis and the Palestinians. As a young politician in Chicago, he had numerous Jewish friends and supporters; his local coalition depended largely on African-Americans on the South Side and left-leaning Jews farther north.

Within Israel, he was drawn to a political culture exemplified by the liberal readers of Haaretz , who lived in Tel Aviv and Haifa, voted Labor or Meretz, and admired the novels of David Grossman and Amos Oz. But his Jewish supporters were generally centrists and liberals. For many of them, Israel was not a primary issue. These Jews are only a minority of the roughly six million who live in the United States, but they tend to be more focussed on issues pertaining to Israel, and are, in some cases, willing to spend a great deal of money to influence U.

In December, , Trump spoke at an event in Washington, D.

Jeanine Pirro Under Fire After Blaming President Obama for Rob Porter Mess – You Read That Right

Adelson helps to fund the group, and he owns a popular tabloid in Israel called Israel Hayom , which has long served as a loyal tribune for Netanyahu. Adelson exerts almost as much influence on electoral politics in the U.

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No Republican candidate can easily afford to ignore him. Adelson considered Obama an enemy of Israel, and, in the election, he and his wife, Miriam, contributed at least ninety-three million dollars to groups supporting the G. Officials in the U. Trump cast himself as a neutral party, interested in getting the Israelis and the Palestinians what they needed to end the conflict. Brooks pressed Trump. Is that a position you support? Boos erupted from the audience. Early in the campaign, Adelson considered Trump to be little more than a braggart.

Trump and his advisers thought that Adelson would back Marco Rubio; their objective in the New York meeting was to caution Adelson. In May, , after it became clear that Trump was going to win the nomination, Adelson endorsed him, but he informed the campaign that he wanted a commitment to move the U. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. For many years, Palestinian, Israeli, and American negotiators had discussed a Palestinian state that would have as its capital at least some part of East Jerusalem.

It was his dream. A few weeks after the party Conventions in the summer of , Trump dipped in the national polls. His campaign was concerned that the Republican establishment would withdraw its support, and, in mid-August, Adelson met with Trump, Kushner, and Bannon in New York.

Adelson asked again about moving the Embassy. Soon after the meeting, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson started writing checks to back the campaign.